"In The House of the Lord"

by Dave Barton and L.A. Margrave

Directed by Dave Barton.

Fundamentalist Christian Paul (Steven Parker) threatens to set Gail on fire (Susan Shearer/Stewart) unless she renounces her decision to have an abortion, as Paul's wife Jan (Jenn Ortiz) collapses in horror. Paul (Parker) questions Nathan (Rick Brant, kneeling) about what it means to be a responsible man, as Gail (Shearer/Stewart), the Nurse (Jody J. Marler), Jan (Ortiz) and Nathan's pregnant girlfriend Darcie (Montica Reeves) plead his case.
Jan pulls a gun on the Doctor (L.A. Margrave)
Nathan (Brant) doesn't give Paul (Parker) the answers he's looking for.