"Vampire Lesbians of Sodom"

by Charles Busch

The show ran 10/24/97 thru 11/2/97

"Sleeping Beauty or Coma": A fabulous parody of the classic fairy tale--set in swinging 60's London-tells the glorious rise of Enid Wetwhistle from giddy receptionist to world-famous supermodel. When she accidentally overdoses on LSD, only the kiss of a handsome nutritionist can revive her.

"Vampire Lesbians of Sodom": The longest-running off-Broadwy show in history, a nubile Virgin Sacrifice is seduced by a hard-boiled Succubus and left for dead in the deserts of ancient Sodom. Vowing revenge, the spunky Sacrifice vows revenge and chases the Succubus throughout history, from 1920s Hollywood to 1990s Las Vegas.

Directed by Dave Barton.

"Sleeping Beauty": Arrogant fashion designer Sebastian Lore (Susan Shearer/Stewart) and his mousy assistant Miss Thick (Shaun O' Neal)
"Vampire" : Dim-witted chorine Tracy (Katarina Yeo) meets an earlier incarnation of Madeleine Andrews/ The Virgin Sacrifice (Steven Parker).
"Vampire" : The ever-elegant and ever-evil La Condesa (Joan Meissenburg).
"Sleeping Beauty": Fashion sensation Enid Wetwhistle (Jami McCoy) snuggles up to fashion photographer Ian McKenzie (Mark Palkoner).
"Sleeping Beauty" :Rich socialite Anthea Arlo (Jody J. Marler) shows off her latest fashion disaster.
"Vampire" : Ali (Rick Brant) gets his ass tribally tattooed by The Stage Manager (Michelle Fontenot).