"The Lower Depths"

by Maxim Gorky

A modern adaptation of the Russian classic about a group of poor people increasingly at odds with their abusive landlord.

Adapted and Directed by Dave Barton.

"The actor(StephenWagner) escapes..."
The Trashman's dying wife (Rachel Davenport) is comforted with a song by The Convert (Sally Norton).
The Landlord's Wife (Raquel Rigg) cuts loose on The Thief (Lee Jalube) and her Sister-in-Law (Regan D'Lyn)
The Gambler (Andrew Nienaber) drinks a toast to nothingness.
The Musician (Keith Bennett) and The Runaway (Erin Green) look into an uncertain future.
The Drag Queen (Todd Hopkins) mocks the prayers of the Muslim Immigrant (Aurelio Locsin)
The Street Vendor (Cathy Petz) ponders her marriage to alcoholic Security Guard (Bryan Jennings)
The Ensemble: (Clockwise From Left) Raquel Rigg (Landlord's Wife), David Cramer (Landlord), Bryan Jennings (The Security Guard), Susan Shearer/Stewart (The Bag Lady), Keith Bennett (The Musician), Erin Greene (The Runaway), Aurelio Locsin (The Immigrant), Rachel Davenport (The Trashman's Wife), David Beatty (The Trashman), Andrew Nienaber (The Gambler), Lee Jalube (The Thief), Sally Norton (The Convert), Regan D'Lynn (The Sister-in-Law), Stephen Wagner (The Actor), Todd Hopkins (The Drag Queen), Cathy Petz (The Street Vendor).