June 27 thru July 20:

"Execution of Justice"

by Emily Mann.

This gripping multimedia production recreates the days and weeks following the brutal 1978 assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk by former police officer Dan White. White's trial, his acquittal based on the notorious "Twinkie Defense" and the rioting that followed is powerfully re-created from court transcripts, interviews and television images.
Directed by Sharyn Case

A San Francisco policeman ( Mattias Rundgren ) illustrates the stand of one side of a divided city over the Dan White trial.
City Supervisor Dolson ( Aurelio Locsin ) testifies before the Judge ( Paul Fagan).
Dan White ( Mark Craig ) confesses the crime to Inspector Falzone ( Larry F. Scott - left ) and Edward Erdelantz ( Brandon Dean - right ).
Cyr Copertini ( Vivian Vanderward ), Appointment Secretary to Major George Mascone, breaks down on the stand while being examined by prosecuting attorney Thomas Norman ( Paul A. Castellano ).

Judge ( Paul Fagan ).

"Unite and fight with Dan White!" is the campaign slogan for office seeker Dan White ( Mark Craig ) and his wife Mary Ann ( Jennelle M. Smith).
An outspoken Sister Boom Boom ( Craig Johnson ) demonstrates the vocal opposition to the Dan White verdict.