August 8 thru August 31:

"New Jersey Trilogy: Three Plays for the Garden State or A Brief History of the End of the Twentieth Century" by Ken Urban. "I (Heart) KANT", "Nibbler" and "Halo".

Four women search for happiness, high school graduates meet a mysterious creature, a woman considers the choices she's made, a young man and woman commit a crime, and a modern-day Everyman goes on a journey from which she won't return. Clinton, grunge, and the death of hope. Only in New Jersey.

Directed by Dave Barton
Warning: Contains nudity, sex and very disturbing violence.

"Halo": Thrill-killers Brandon (Ryan Harris) and Sue (Julie Jagusiak) share an intimate moment. "I (Heart) KANT": Pam (Johnna Adams) prepares to make an amazing sound.
"Nibbler": "CAN THIS SISTER GET AN AMEN?" Tara (Erika Tai) meets The Nibbler (Aurelio Locsin). "Halo": Everyman (Marcia Bonitz) gets the brush-off from Friendship (Steven Parker & Erika Tai). "Halo": 2 (Kelly Stark), 3 (Shannon Flinn-Lambert), 5 (Karen Harris) and 6 (Johnna Adams) in the laundry room
"Nibbler"; From left: Pete (Walter A, Lutz, Jr.), Officer Dan (Vince Campbell), Tara (Erika Tai), Hayley (Kelly Stark), Matt (Ryan Harris) and Adam (Steven Parker) sit at their favorite booth.