May 16 thru June 8:

"Road" by Jim Cartwright. Shagging, snogging, smoking, fighting, drinking, disco, fish & chips,seduction, frustration, thievery, stolen dreams, lost ideals, sailors, tarts, housewives, soldiers, moochers, drunks, academics, DJs, Buddhists and skinheads. Community.

Directed by Renee Gallo.

Bisto and his Beatoven Disco (Scott Barber) always guarantees a good time. "You'll get used to me. You'd better!"
Scullery (Vince Campbell) lights a cigarette and gets ready for a night out.

Dor (Julie Jagusiak) Scullery (Vince Campbell) and Lane (Brenda Kenworthy)on a night out.
Joey (Ryan Harris) and Clare (Brenda Kenworthy) starve themselves to death
to "see what else is out there."
The Professor (Aurelio Locsin) reads from one of his many records of Road.

Scullery (Vince Campbell) and Brenda (Karen Harris).
Marion (Karen Harris) and Brian (Aurelio Locsin) duke it out with Scullery (Vince Campbell) stuck in the middle.
Valerie (Brenda Kenworthy) waits for her boorish husband to come home drunk.