King Ubu

adapted by Dave Barton, Stephen Ludwig and Andrew Nienaber, from the classic play by Alfred Jarry. In this century-old scatological comedy, a dumb-as-dirt King invades another country for no apparent reason. Just in time for the election.

Directed by David Mancini


Saturday, October 30, immediately following “King Ubu”

Laura Bush reads Dostoyevsky to dead Iraqi children in a benefit reading of Tony Kushner’s controversial one-act "Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy," with all proceeds going to The Afghan Women’s Mission.

Prince Buggerboy (Ron Javier): "Holy Halliburton, Mom! It's Pa Ubu and his men coming this way!" Queen Labia (Michelle Bylenga): "Oh, Mother of all Fuckers, they're in the palace! they're climbing the stairs!"
Alfred Jarry (Sean Naughton) introduces "King Ubu": "As for the action, which is about to begin, it takes place in a country kind of like the one you’re in right now, that is to say, no where in particular."
Labia (Bylenga) and Buggerboy (Javier) warns her husband, King Sodomy (Nick Lawson) of his impending doom: "In my dream, I saw that madman Ubu attack you with a long, sharp pole. He knocked you down, turned you over, rammed it up your royal ass and ran around waving you like a flag, shouting “Preemptive strike! Preemptive strike!”
Pa Ubu (David Cramer) has a discussion with his Conscience: "No weapons to speak of? Are you quite sure he cannot defend himself? Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have wisely counseled me to do what I wanted to do anyway, so I will kill King Sodomy. Especially since there’s no danger to me! I have no further need of you today."
Ma Ubu (Kelly Quigley) and Pa Ubu (Cramer) are set upon by a vicious Ubu-hungry bear (Naughton).
Captain Manure (Naughton, in blackface), Pa Ubu (Cramer) and Ma Ubu (Quigley) discourse on weapons of mass distraction: "For those of you who struggled and just couldn’t hack it, those of you who’s best just wasn’t good enough, to you miserable failures who couldn’t even run a simple race…because I am magnanimous of spiritude, there is a constipation prize: a thirty pound bag of horse shit. You may divvy it up among yourselves!"