“Eye of God”
Tim Blake Nelson.

"When a young woman is found murdered, the only witness to her death is a young boy who is struck mute by the crime. When her husband--an ex-con who has turned to God to try and change his life--becomes a suspect, the sheriff of the tiny, decaying town of Kingfisher tries to piece together the events of that night and figure out if someone so bent on a happy future could do something so horrible.

Directed by Andrew Nienaber.

Ainsley (Jamie McCoy) meets Tom (Tony Gilbert) for the first time at a truck stop, as Del (Jaryl Draper) watches from the counter.
Ainsley(McCoy) and Jack (Darrin James) in a moment of marital peace.
Rogers (James Manly Green) bargains with Jack (James) : "If you confess and spare this child a trial, I'll spare your life."
Jack (James) convinces his wife Ainsley (McCoy) that she WILL have their child.
Ainsley (MCoy) and Dorothy (Karen Harris) share a laugh while waiting for Jack's arrival.
Sprague (Steven Parker) loses his cool and is dragged from the room during Roger's (Green) interrogation of Jack (James).
Ainsley (McCoy) and Tom (Gilbert) reach out to each other in a rare moment of peace.