or: The Importance of Being Someone

by Mark Ravenhill

A US premiere of a new comedy from the author of "Shopping and F**king"!
Pregnant lesbians, public sex, cell phones, sperm banks, Victorian repression, heroin, three-volume novels of appalling sentimentaility, cigarettes, Oscar Wilde, bathtubs, annoying marketing executives, Ireland, nannies, runaway babies, cheese and tomato pizza, male prostitutes and Tinky Winky's handbag.

Directed by Dave Barton.

Warning: Contains explicit sex and nudity.

Efficient parenting in the modern age:(From Right) Tom (Parker), David (Bennett), Mauretta (Adams) and Suzanne (Tai). "He's got a breathing...a slight breathing problem. And we need to all be trained. So, let's organize..."
Headmaster Cardew (David Cramer) bathes and comforts drug-addled prostitute Phil (Scott Barber): "We live in a sorry age. We have forgotten the most precious teachings of the Ancients. A boy cannot reach maturity in the family home. The family clings. It crushes."
(From Right:) Gay and lesbian parents Suzanne (Erika Tai), Mauretta (Johnna Adams), Tom (Steven Parker) and David (Keith Bennett) prepare for the arrival of their turkey-baster baby. "There's a positive glut of parents here for you. You've enough mummies and daddies that if one decides to pack a bag and move on you've got plenty to be going on with. And we love you and we want you and we're waiting for you."
Colonel Moncrieff (Stan Jenson), Augusta (Jill Cary Martin), Constance (Deborah Conroy), Miss Prism (Joan Neubauer) and Mr. Cardew (Cramer). "Thank goodness the modern age has realised the importance of dividing up our lives...Now we men can play billiards in the billiards room, smoke in the smoking room and relax in the library. And the ladies...well the ladies have their own worlds too."
"You gonna kiss me?" Lorraine (Kelly Quigley) throws a temper tantrun under the unamused eyes of David (Bennett) and Suzanne (Tai).
Miss Prism (Neubauer) and Augusta (Martin) bump heads at Victorian Station.
Prism: "I am a novelist...and a nanny." Augusta:"That doesn't seem quite proper. A baby and a book. That could lead to great confusion could it not?"