"Poona The Fuckdog and Other Plays for Children" by Jeff Goode.

July 9 thru July 31

Once upon a time a lonely Fuck Dog named Poona was visited by her Fairy God Phallus and taught how to play a very fun game in her big pink box. When Poona becomes an overnight sensation, her adventures take her to the Kingdom of Do (where nobody did) ruled by a powerful television set. She meets, among others, Suzy-Suzy Cyber Assasin, a thespian shrub, angry storytellers, a handsome prince, talking frogs, lost space aliens, and even God (who can answer any question for five dollars)! Warning: This poop-your-pants-funny comedy is definitely not for children or the easily offended!

Directed by Steven Parker.

Jami McCoy and Drew Sutherland
Jami McCoy and Erika Tai Karen Harris and Abby Miner Ryan Boyd and Michael Irish
Katherine Prenovost, Peter Balgoyen, Drew Sutherland, Kelly Quigley, Jami McCoy, Ryan Boyd, Karen Harris, Michael Irish, Cynthia Huyck, Erika Tai and Abby Miner.