By Ben Elton

Bruce Delamitri, a Tarantino-esque director of hyper-violent art films has just won an Oscar for Best Director, and is returning to his Hollywood mansion with a Playboy centerfold. Little does he know that his two biggest fans--a pair of ruthless serial killers--have broken into his home and are planning a little party of their own with the famous director. Directed by Jay Fraley

Warning: Violence, sex and nudity.

Wayne Hudson (Ryan Harris) threatens Karla, the film producer (Sharyn Case), while Bruce Delamitiri (Vince Campbell) tries to convince Karla to leave the house.
Brooke Daniels (Erika Tai) seduces Bruce Delamitiri with an erotic dance.
Wayne Hudson threatens to kill Farrah Delamitiri (Karen Harris), while her daughter, Velvet (Jennifer Cadena) begs for her mothers life.
Wayne Hudson and Scout (Jami McCoy) decide to fool around in the bedroom of Bruce Delamitiri's home.
Wayne Hudson threatens to smash Velvet's face in, while Farrah Delamitiri, Bruce Delamitiri and Brooke Daniels beg him not to hurt her.
Wayne Hudson and Scout, the serial killers, want to force Bruce Delamitiri to give back his Oscar.
Wayne Hudson and Scout play sex games on Bruce Delamitiri's bed.
Wayne Hudson forces the news team (Keith Bennett and Tony Gilbert) to cover the statements in their underwear. .