Asian Acting: An Evening of One-Act Plays
by Aurelio Locsin

A wild assortment of World Premiere plays, dance pieces, monologues and puppetry: A woman sits down for a last cup of tea before going to a Japanese internment camp; A man fights in court for the right to marry outside of his race; A timid woman decides to stand up to the bigots in her neighborhood; China defuses the Cuban Missile Crisis; A vicious killer and his victim have a little conversation before getting down to business; American Express visits the Thai sex industry; A Filipino fable comes magically to life.

Directed by Scott Barber, Sharyn Case, Sara Guererro, Steven Parker, Jody J. Reeves and Erika Tai.

“American Express”: A young Thai girl (Jenny Lee) gives a vacationer (David Cramer) his first taste of cherry. “Midnight Manuever”: Filipino mom Mrs. Vasquez (Naoko Okamoto) on the prowl.
“Legend of the First Banana”: An unhappy Filipino Father (Marc Macalintal) meets his daughter Malaya’s (Lee) new Chinese love, Li (Stephen Oyoung). “How China Defused the Cuban Missile Crisis”: China (Erika Tai, middle) kicks two Russian agents (From left: Peter Balgoyen, Keith Bennett) to the curb when they try to steal nuclear secrets.
“Mrs. M.’s Tea”: Billy (Keith Bennett) ponders Mrs. Miyazawa’s (Trina Mendiola) fate as she pours him tea.

 “Marriage Monkey”: Filipino Salvador Roldan (Jon Apostol) and Brit Marjorie Rogers (Wendy Felicia Braun) tango to City Hall to get married

“Tongue Lashing”: Rico (Macalintal) has a discussion with a trussed-up and gagged Todd (Bennett). ““Xian”: A pregnant woman (Lee, standing) avenges the death of her pregnant mother (Tai, on floor) by a mysterious soldier (Bennett).