Boy Gets Girl
by Rebecca Gilman

OC Premiere! After an awkward blind date, Theresa Bedell sees no reason to continue the relationship, but the man thinks otherwise. Annoyed but flattered by his continuing attention, Theresa’s attitude changes to one of fear and fury when his devotion rapidly turns to menace.

Directed by Jody J. Reeves.

Theresa (Jenn Carnett) pays a visit to Les Kennkat (Dee Fitzgerald) after his surgery. Mercer (Alex Dorman) and Howard (Kurt Jarrard) discuss story ideas.
Tony (David Pond) suprises Theresa (Carnett) with an unexpected visit to the office. Mercer (Dorman) and Howard (Jarrard) help Theresa (Carnett) pack her apartment.
Mercer (Dorman) calls the police aftrer Theresa (Carnett) finds a disturbing letter from Tony. Howard (Jarrard) comforts Theresa (Carnett) as she takes one last look at her apartment. Tony (Pond) takes with him a personal remembrance of Theresa.