APRIL 15 - MAY 7

Collateral Damage

by Philip Osment
US Premiere!

On the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing comes this theatrical, eye-opening drama following Timothy McVeigh, his crime, the thousands of people affected by it and Bud Welch, the man who lost his daughter in the tragedy and was moved to forgive her murderer. 

Directed by Dave Barton.


Three Iraqi Women (From left: Maricelle Dingcong, Sara Mashayekh and Heather Enriquez) cry out to heaven as bombs rain down on Baghdad in the first Gulf War.

Timothy McVeigh (Frank Romeo) watches footage of Waco on his television with sister Jennifer (Heather Enriquez).


Distressed fireman Michael (Bryan Prince) doesn’t get any solace from the local Priest (Kurt Jarrard): “I've heard you talk about faith a hundred times and I've tried to believe you, but at the back of my mind, if I'm completely honest with you, there's this nagging voice saying…’If my God is so great, if my God is so good, then why did he let me drag those bodies out of the rubble?’  What sort of Being is he to let this happen?”

Therapist Caroline (Julia Emelin) urges patient Sarah (Christine Tenabe) to take her anger at McVeigh out on a teddy bear.

Waco Survivor Olivia (Sara Mashayekh) rips pages from Revelations out of her Bible as she thanks McVeigh for his actions.

Bud Welch (David Cramer) drinks to drown his sorrows, while the spirit of his deceased daughter Julie (Victoria Marcello) sits by.

FBI agents DiLaura (Brett Fenoglio, left) and Naum (Craig Pinza, right) interview Timothy McVeigh’s father, Bill (Paul L. Arnold). From Left: Incarcerated in the same prison, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski (Gregory Cohen), Latin Kings gang leader Luis Felipe (Alejandro Lara), McVeigh (Romeo) and World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yusef (Brian Batts) talk about bringing down the U.S. government.
News reporter Suzanne Kass (Natasha Attalla) comforts the frightened and confused teenager Chad (Gregory Palmerino

Defense Attorney Stephen Jones (Rick Kopps) meets with McVeigh (Frank Romeo): “The Government is building a case built on tears, a brilliant case built on emotion.  But I know there's more to it.  Somewhere, someone saw what a wonderful killing machine you would be.  A warrior, a man who would throw himself on his sword. Someone who'd be misguided enough to go to his death perpetuating a lie.”

The night before the bombing, Colleen (Brenda Kenworthy) and Darrell (Drew Sutherland) sing their daughter to sleep.


Muslim convert Lori (Kelly Pinza) tries to talk sense to her bigoted father Kurt (Rick Kopps): “I met Tarik, we fell in love.  Just like you and Mom. I thought you loved me enough to make the effort to overcome your prejudices, Dad.”

Police officer John (Brandon Kasper) is distressed to find out that his wife Carrie (Michelle Valadez) has stayed home from work. Darrell (Drew Sutherland) walks in on a grief-stricken moment between his wife Colleen (Brenda Kenworthy) and her ex-husband Marvin (Craig Pinza

Carl (Brett Fenoglio), the fireman that cared for Felicia’s (Karen Harris) bombing victim brother, asks her out to dinner.