by Ken Jones

 Told through a series of flashbacks, an American astronaut in orbit ponders his life as his two fellow astronauts on the Moon below him grow increasingly anxious that they might be stranded.

Directed by Sharyn Case.

Bill Griffin (Jay Michael Fraley) is interviewed by reporter Bob Hughes (Larry Scott).
The Apollo 18 astronauts preparing for blastoff. L to R: Capt. Ed Stone (Ryan Harris), Capt. Bill Griffin (Jay Michael Fraley), NASA Technician (Larry Evans), and Comm. “Gunner” Smith (Vince Campbell).
“Independence! Come in, Independence!” says Houston Capsule Communications/CAPCOM (Jonathan Markandy). A tender moment between Bill (Jay Michael Fraley) and his wife, Beth (Coreen Milstein Mueller). “Capt Stone, you are a Lunar Module Pilot!” says Command “Gunner” Smith to an out-of-control Ed Stone (Ryan Harris).

CAPCOM (Jonathan Markandy) talks with a troubled Bill Griffin (Jay Michael Fraley) in space. Gigi (Jami McCoy) makes a play for Bill (Jay Michael Fraley) while his wife, Beth (Coreen Milstein Mueller) looks on.

The women wait for blastoff. L to R: Gigi Stone (Jami McCoy) and Beth Griffin (Coreen Milstein Mueller). Ed (Ryan Harris) has an argument with his wife, Gigi (Jami McCoy). “Just listen to thise trucks on old Highway One, driving all alone – to nowhere.” muses Gigi (Jami McCoy) in an intimate moment with Bill (Jay Michael Fraley).