“The Female Terrorist Project” by Ken Urban.

The West Coast Premiere of a new play by the critically-acclaimed author of “New Jersey Trilogy”! In an America where bombings and kidnappings are daily occurrences and civil liberties are a thing of the past, Amelia documents the lives of famous female terrorists, from an anti-abortion assassin to a Palestinian hijacker. After a mysterious meeting on an airplane and a visit by the Department of Homeland Security, Amelia finds herself drawn into a world more frightening than she could possibly have imagined.
Directed by Dave Barton.

Warning: Contains brief nudity, sexual situations and violence.

Karen (Jessica Aldridge, left) loads a pipe bomb with nails as Darine (Jennifer Cadena) mixes chemical accelerant, Tanya (Wendy Braun) primes the wires on the timer and Amelia (Conroy) looks on.


West Bank suicide bomber Tahana Titi (Sara Mashayekh): “Let me say again, I do not hate the Israelis. I do not.”

North Korean terrorist Miss Kim Hyon Hui (Erika Tai) activating a bomb in the toilet of the Baghdad Airport: “It was an honor to be chosen. I feel nothing. I felt nothing. But relief. When I heard I was successful in my task.”


Department of Homeland Security Interrogator Mary (Lisa Sproul) “interviews” historian Amelia (Deborah Conroy): “Amelia, I’m not a violent person. But sometimes in this line of work. They say to prevent violence, sometimes violence is necessary.”

Zarema (Julia Emelin) wrapped in explosives: “Tonight’s musical on the glories of days long past is indefinitely postponed. The Chechen people now control this theatre. We have one goal and one goal only. Independence. We call for the end of the war.”


Leila Khaled (Natasha Atalla) and the Pilot (Jay Michael Fraley): “Your plane’s been hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

Pro-life activist Shelley Shannon (Karen Harris): “I understood what was needed. Time to go to the WalMart and get a gun.”