MAY 20 - JUNE 11

Knives In Hens

by David Harrower.  

An uneducated young woman, trapped by marriage in a closed and superstitious community, develops an intense relationship with the village outcast.  Sensuality and poetic language combine to make this a seductive tale of solitude, sexuality and intellectual awakening. Directed by Scott Barber.

Warning: Contains nudity and sexual situations.

Startled in the night, Gilbert Horn (Aurelio Locsin) pleas to whomever awaits at his door. "...Ploughman, you there? I never touched her. Never would. Know she's yours."
Portrait of the happy couple. Young Woman (Christine Tanabe) and Pony William (Vince Campbell).
William (Vince Campbell) welcomes the Young Woman (Christine Tanabe) home after a full day of absence. "It's good to feel you, woman. Whole village I searched for you."
From left to right, Gilbert Horn, the miller (Aurelio Locsin), the Young Woman, the field hand (Christine Tanabe), Pony William, the ploughman (Vince Campbell).
Mischief lurks on a dark night. William (Vince Campbell) Young Woman (Christine Tanabe) and Gilbert Horn (Aurelio Locsin)
William (Vince Campbell), washing himself before going to the horses, reminisces of days gone by. "Could've lived in that field all my life if they let me."
William (Vince Campbell) entices Gilbert Horn (Aurelio Locsin) with the unconscious Young Woman (Christine Tanabe). "How long since you seen a woman here, miller? Lying on her back."