The Real Thing
by Tom Stoppard

June 24th thru July 16th

 “The Real Thing” by Tom Stoppard. Actors Charlotte and Max are appearing in a play about a troubled marriage by Charlotte’s husband, Henry. What Charlotte and Max don’t know is that Henry is also having an affair with Max’s actress wife, Annie. When the real-life marriages start to mimic the on-stage ones in Henry’s production, where does the play start and real-life end? Playwright Stoppard’s brilliant wordplay and caustic wit illuminates the nature and mystery of love, creating a multi-leveled play within a play that challenges the mind as well as the heart.

Directed by Alexander Rodriguez.

Annie (Melissa Petro) and Henry (Richard De Vicariis) discover who Brodie (John Fabricant) really is
Max (Troy Johnson) and Charlotte (Karen Harris) perform a scene from Henry’s “House of Cards” Henry (Richard De Vicariis) and Annie (Melissa Petro) disagree on the point of writing Billy (Thomas Fernley) & Annie (Melissa Petro) rehearse a scene from “’Tis Pity She’s A Whore” while their backstage passion come to fruition
Annie (Melissa Petro) tells Max (Troy Johnson) that she is having an affair with Henry Henry (Richard De Vicariis), Max (Troy Johnson), Annie (Melissa Petro), & Charlotte (Karen Harris) make an attempt at civility
Henry (Richard De Vicariis), Debbie (Maria Frisk), & Charlotte (Karen Harris) discuss Debbie’s leaving home to travel the road