October 21 - November 12

The Sacred Geometry of S&M Porn
by Johnna Adams.

World Premiere

A troubled young man with a stack of dirty magazines + a dead woman stealing souls +  a televangelist grilled by Mike Wallace + a whore seeking enlightenment + a disgruntled woman wielding a gun= an assassination plot, weird sex,  the Crystal Cathedral, a whole lotta money and a new religion.

Directed by Dave Barton. Warning: Contains nudity and adult subject matter.


Scooter (Matthew Hilliard) gets an earful from his mother, Sally (Sally Norton) as she launches a tirade at Squeak (Karen Kahler): “I cannot imagine what sort of damage this material has done to my fragile and under-developed child’s mind. It may never be clean again. Never! I could pour lye in his ears and never get his mind back to the blank slate it used to be. I wanted my husband to buy a gun at Walmart, come over here, and blow your brains out, but we are Christians. And it is Easter weekend. And we decided not to.”


 Truck-stop waitress and part-time whore Audrey (Kerry Perdue) considers Bryan’s (Rick Kopps) proposal for a pity fuck: “Please. Pretty please. Come on now. I’m begging you. Don’t go. You look so pretty. You’re just so pretty. Let me, please? Let me be rough like you like. How about that now? Come on, sugar. It’ll be quick. You’ll feel like you got a hit by a truck afterward. All nice and numb. Wouldn’t that be good? Huh, sugar?”

A guilt-ridden Squeak (Kahler) is comforted by the living dead Margaret (Sarah Elizabeth Boros): When I was first dead, there was this light I followed through a tunnel. And when I got to the end I was floating in this darkness. And the dark was pinpricked with bright white light all around me. I thought it was stars for the longest time. Thought I was drifting in outer space. Then I realized they was all tunnels like the one I came through. And every light led to a person. “
Mike Wallace (Jonathan Talmadge) is horrified to learn from Geometric Sensualist convert Audry (Perdue) that the church has taken over CBS.
Tobey (Scott Barber) indoctrinates Scooter (Hilliard) into his new religion: “This is a cross. You’re the wood and I’m the rope that holds you together.” Preacher Judith (Jill Cary Martin) and her Demon (Peter J. Balgoyen): “God is here with us. You cheap son-of-a-bitch-bastards—why ain’t you let him into your hearts? Do you think you cain’t afford to? Do you think you cain’t afford to get out of the way and let Jesus runs things—He might screw up the sinning you are planning on doing? Well, I am here to tell you, damnit!  I am here to tell you that you cain’t afford NOT TO LET GOD IN!  Let him into that heart right now, or it will rot straight out of your body and ooze down to your toes and the dogs of Satan will suck it out of the wounds at your ankles when they suspend you over a lake of burning brimstone for all time in hell.”
Judith (Martin) has some sage advice for Tobey (Barber), the son she abandoned 15 years earlier: Tobey: “I have these visions from God.” Judith: “Ignore ‘em.”