Some Voices by Joe Penhall.

September 9 - September 30

Orange County Premiere!
Ray, fresh out of hospital, moves in with his older brother Pete and begins to adjust to his new life. Violence, Love, Death and the sweet smell of curly sausage await him as he meets and falls for Laura, medication is neglected, alcohol is consumed and things begin to go horribly wrong.

Directed by Steven Parker.

(Kurt Jarrard) Ives tries to rub Ray’s(Paul Pakler ) nose in his shit. (Brenda Kenworthy) Laura and Ray(Paul) escape life through a outing in a field.
(Kurt and Paul) The loony bin invades Pete’s(Alex Dorman) Flat. Ray (Paul) hears Voices as Ives (Kurt) dies. Dave (Robert M. Tully) shows Laura (Brenda) the ring he accused her of losing.


Dave (Robert) questions Ray (Paul) before a fight ensues. Dave (Robert) shows Laura (Brenda) how much he cares for her. Pete (Alex) lets Ray (Paul) help him cook in the hostile.