December 2 - December 17

A Christmas Closet

Five alternative holiday plays by Norman Hudis, Aurelio Locsin, Stephen Ludwig and Robert M. Tully
“Christmas Story #3”: A child-hating department store Santa reveals Saint Nick’s dark side. “Christmas Kisses”: Two young women find that the gift of love isn’t what it’s wrapped up to be. “Santaism”: Santa and Mrs. Claus set the audience straight on the true meaning of Christmas. “No More Angels”: An older man wakes up to breakfast with a hunk on Christmas morning. “A Christmas Closet”: When the ghost of an old love visits him Christmas Eve, a pipe-smoking, Hemingway-reading debt collector discovers he’s more of a man’s man than he realizes.

Directed by Dave Barton, Erika Tai and Robert M. Tully

Christmas Kisses: Sofia (Blas) softly touches Naomi's shoulder (McCoy) .

Christmas Kisses: Sofia (Blas) and Naomi (McCoy) touch and dance for the first time.


Christmas Kisses: Sweetie (Jami McCoy) gets a lecture on the joys of sororities and doll weddings from her community theater actress Mom (Barbara Gibbs).
No More Angels: Bartender Michael (Radford) and lonely patron Greg (Jarrard) listen quietly as Johnny Mathis sings in the background.
Michael (Justin Radford) and Greg (Kurt Jarrard) share orange juice on Christmas morning.

Michael (Justin Radford) and Greg (Kurt Jarrard) share an intimate moment on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Closet’s motley crew of ghosts: (From left: The Peasant (Shannon Lee Blas), Faith Hope (McCoy), The Compere (John-Paul Fine), Noel Coward (David Cramer), Mom Rouge (Gibbs) and Dad Rouge/King Wenceslas (Jarrard) ).

A Christmas Closet: The Compere (Fine): “In the twinkling of a cosmic eye, you’ve become a micro-exact replication of your father…What power the man wielded, to produce such a flawless copy of himself! Truly, old chum, if it wasn’t for my knowledge of and respect for your Mom, I’d say you weren’t born of sex but Xerox.”

A Christmas Closet: Debt-collector S.K. Rouge (Walters) rails against a Christmas charitable solicitation: “Don’t you bloodsucking charity fundraisers ever give up? There’s no such condition as financial hardship.  There’s only crass mismanagement of resources. What difference Christmas Eve?...What special case? Parents can’t pay for counseling? Tell him to take a cold shower, think clean, and be a man. For Christsakes don’t go on and on about Christmas!!! You want me to go the whole nine Yuletide yards and say it out loud? OK! BAH-HUMBUG!”

Santaism: Santa Claus (Alex Walters) sets the record straight on the competition: “Let me see if I've got this straight.  An arab carpenter. An ARAB…don't even get me started on the concept of you people worshipping an arab. An arab carpenter, born to a virgin mother, who, in his 33 years on earth, cured the sick, raised the dead, went to a buddy's wedding and changed water to wine when the party supplies ran short (I love that one), created the first all you can eat bread and fish bar to feed the multitudes. He defied gravity to walk on water and then, as a finale, dies in the most painful way imaginable, beaten, whipped and crucified. All that, and you call me a fable because I have flying reindeer?  Ok, whatever.”

Christmas Story #3: Santa A (Jarrard, seated) and the Elf (Peter J. Balgoyen) greet a young visitor as Santa B (Radford) tells us what they’re really thinking.
(McCoy) as one of Santa's helpers.