June 2 - July 1

Mysterious Skin
by Prince Gomolvilas, based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim.

Southern California Premiere! This searing drama follows the story of a young man in Kansas searching for the answers behind the traumatic events of his childhood. The possibility that he may have been abducted by aliens arises, leading him deep into an investigation of the paranormal and his own troubled past. All trails eventually lead to a New York hustler who holds the key to the terrifying truth. Together, they move towards an unforgettable and heartbreaking conclusion.

Warning: Contains explicit sex and nudity.

Directed by Dave Barton.


Wendy (Michelle Trachtenberg) tells off Neil (Bennett) when he admits he’s been hustling again: “Do you actually think I haven’t figured out what you’ve been doing? Where you’ve been at night, dressed like a goddamn teenage executive, or where you’ve been getting money for beer?...Or these fucking flowers?”

From Left: Philip (Rick Kopps), Brian (Tim Zimmer) and Brian’s mother Margaret (Shannon Lee Blas) look up to the sky. Margaret: “Do you think it’s one of them UFOs?” Brian: “Do you think there are aliens in it?” Philip: “I don’t know.” Margaret: “Do you think they’re watching us?” Philip: “Maybe.”


Brian (Zimmer) and Margaret (Blas) have it out over Avalyn: Margaret: “You tell her things you don’t tell me…Why is that?” Brian: “She understands things and you don’t.”

The Man (Kopps) and Neil (Bennett) haggle over his price for the evening: Neil: “You can break me in. De-virginize me all over again.” Man: “Oh, you’re no virgin.” Neil: “For a hundred bucks, I can be whatever you want.”

Neil (Keith Bennett) and his friend Eric (Ron Javier) watch a movie, smoke pot and talk semantics. Eric: You know what that’s called?” Neil: What what’s called? Throwing someone out a window?” Eric: “Yeah.” Neil: “What’s it called?” Neil: “Defenestration.” Neil: “There’s a word for it?”


Neil (Bennett) and The Man (Kopps): The trick goes terribly wrong.


Neil (Bennett) and Christopher Ortega (Javier) talk the fine points of hustling: “Look innocent, yet old enough to be legal…Empty the emotion from your face.”

Love-sick Avalyn (Kerry Perdue) makes her move on Brian(Zimmer): “I feel like we’ve come so far together.”

Benjamin Bloomfield (Kopps) pitches his new book: “My third and most recent book is Stolen Time. In it, I list six signs that could indicate that you have had a close encounter.”

Neil (Bennett) comforts Brian (Zimmer) after all of the secrets are revealed: Neil: “I don’t know what else to do. I owe you, Brian. I’ve owed you all these years. And I don’t know what else I can give you.”

Avalyn: You’ve been very tense since you got here. Brian: I’m not tense. Avalyn: Yes, you are. Brian: I’m...maybe a little. Avalyn: Maybe a lot.