November 17-December 16

Pale Horse by Joe Penhall

After the sudden death of his wife, a man jumps head-first into a world of violence and urban alienation as he tries to quell the personal demons haunting him. Along the way, he encounters a beautiful, capricious young woman and is forced to examine the nature of his own mortality, identity and beliefs. A very, very black comedy brought to you by the pen of Joe Penhall, “one of the finest playwrights of his generation” and the author of 2005’s Rude Guerrilla hit Some Voices.

Directed by Steven Parker.

Roxaneh Renton (Woman Police Constable) and Bryan Jennings (Charles)
"Officer, you look just like my wife"
Roxaneh Renton (Corpse), Adam Del Conte (Undertaker), Bryan Jennings
"Don't kiss it!"
Marnelle Ross (Woman in Cemetery), Bryan Jennings "Hello, I didn't see you there"
Bryan Jennings, Paul Knox (Vicar) "I don't know who I am!"
Paul Knox (Maitre D'), Bryan Jennings, Erika Tai
"Use the cane for Fuck's sake! Harder..."
Paul Knox (Drinker II), Bryan Jennings, Erika Tai, Adam Del Conte (Drinker I), Marnelle Ross (Woman Drinker)
"Join in, Charlie!"
Erika Tai (Lucy) and Adam Del Conte (Drinker I)
"Come on, have a pop..."