July14-August 5:

The Long Goodbye:
One-Acts by Tennessee Williams

Includes: The Municipal Abattoir: A disillusioned young man plots the assassination of a fascist President. Directed by Dave Barton. Portrait of a Madonna: A destitute woman reminisces about her one-time lover as she waits to be taken to a mental hospital. Directed by Jill Cary Martin. The Long Goodbye: A young man says goodbye to his past as he prepares to move from the apartment he’s lived in his entire life. Directed by Sharyn Case. Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen: Two young lovers find that sex in the city has pushed their relationship -- and their lives -- to the breaking point. Directed by Michael David Fox. The Demolition Downtown: A middle-class family’s life is shattered by a violent revolution. Directed by Sally Norton.

“The Long Goodbye”: Joe (Alex Dorman) experiences a moment of bitter regret as he mourns the loss of his relationship with his sister, Myra.

“Talk to Me Like the Rain…”: Man (Arturo Jones) and Woman (Jamie Lieberman):

"Talk to me like the rain and – let me listen, déjame escuchar, let me lie here. Hablamos con honestidad.  What have you been thinking in the silence? – While I’ve been passed around like a dirty needle en la cuidad."


 “The Municipal Abattoir”: Would-be assassin Boy (Paul Pakler) says goodbye to his Girl (Sarah Elizabeth Boros) as someone approaches.

“The Demolition Downtown”: Mrs. Lane (Wendy Braun) is shocked by Mrs. Kane’s (Alyson Fairnbarg) plan to throw herself on the revolutionary’s…mercy.

 “Portrait of a Madonna”: Surrounded by Hotel Manager Mr. Abrahms (Rick Kopps), the Nurse (Boros) and the Doctor (Joaquin Nunez), Miss Collins (Karen Harris) says goodbye: “Mother will bring in something cool-after a while.”

“The Long Goodbye”: The Movers (Ryan Gohl, Alex Hallajian) cart away Joe’s (Dorman) home as Silva (Nunez) taunts him about his reading material:  “Four bit magazines! No wonder you stick up your nose at the Project!”

“Talk to Me Like the Rain…”: (Lieberman): "I'll run my hands down my body and feel how amazingly light and thin I have grown.  Almost transparent.  Casi transparente, casi imaginaria.  Not hardly real any more."

“Portrait of a Madonna”: The Porter (D.E. FitGerald) and the Elevator Boy (Jay Lewis) listen as Miss Collins (Harris) talks about her “pregnancy”: “A child is innocent and pure. No matter how it’s conceived...”

“The Demolition Downtown”: A loud explosion causes Mrs. Lane( Braun) to jump into the arms of Mr. Lane (Lewis): "That was the closest one yet."

“The Long Goodbye”: Joe (Dorman) and Myra (Melita Ann Sagar): “I used to have hopes for you, Myra.  But not anymore. […]Take a look at yourself in the mirror!”

“Portrait of a Madonna”: Miss Collins, lost in her bittersweet fantasies: “Oh, Richard, Richard…”

“The Municipal Abattoir”: Boy (Pakler) and The Clerk (Kopps): “Take this bloody flag in one hand, this revolver in the other and make sure the flag hides the revolver, which is loaded for bear. Understand me?”

“The Demolition Downtown”: A dusty, shell-shocked Mr. Lane (Lewis) and Mr. Kane (David Chorley