August 25-September 23:

Women Behind Bars
by Tom Eyen.

In this hilarious send-up of women in prison B movies of the 50s, innocent Mary Eleanor--framed for a crime she didn’t commit--lands in the Greenwich Village Women’s House of Detention. Presided over by a sadistic prison matron with a taste for female flesh, Mary Eleanor enters this multicultural den of vice and ends up abused, hardened and cynical before her time….just like in the movies.

Directed by Jay Michael Fraley.

Warning: Contains sexual situations and brief nudity.


The Women Behind Bars" JoJo (Layce Ashby), Gloria (Brenda Glim), Ada (Kristen Elliott), Cheri (Jami McCoy), and Blanche (Karen Harris)
The Matron (Sharyn Case) is being confronted by "The Women Behind Bars" Cheri (Jami McCoy), Gloria (Brenda Glim) and JoJo (Layce Ashby) . Mary Eleanor (Jennifer Bridge) and Man (Dave Beatty)
Mary Eleanor (Jennifer Bridge) and Paul (Dave Beatty) in Mary Eleanor's fantasy.
Granny (Sally Norton) sprays Guadalupe (Shannon Lee Blas) with Cockroach spray.
The Matron (Sharyn Case) is being threatened by Louise (Jessica Woodard)
The Women Behind Bars"Cheri (Jami McCoy), Blanche (Karen Harris), JoJo (Layce Ashby), Gloria (Brenda Glim), and Guadalupe (Shannon Lee Blas) at the New Years Eve Party.
Mary Eleanor (Jennifer Bridge) is ganged up by "The Women Behind Bars" when she first arrives.
The Warden (Sally Norton) tells Mary Eleanor that she has served her time and she is free to go, while "The Women Behind Bars" dance to Patti Page.
Ada (Kristen Elliott) is being threatened by The Matron (Sharyn Case) and Louise (Jessica Woodard).
JoJo (Layce Ashby) and Gloria (Brenda Glim) fight over cigarettes.