April 6 thru April 28:

A Language of Their Own
Chay Yew

A lyrical and dramatic meditation on the nature of love, desire, sexuality, and self-definition as four men come together and drift apart in a series of interconnecting stories.

Directed by Aurelio Locsin.

Warning: Contains nudity and sexual situations.

Oscar (Ruffy Landayan) stuck at a typical
Asian-Wanna-be-Caucasian-and-Caucasian-Wanna-be-in-Asian party, plans to shoot his date fatally so he can approach the object of his affections.

Four years of secretly holding hands on crowded Boston streets, having breakfast in Union park, acting like children in museums on Sundays, and chasing after subway trains after work bring Ming (Nghia Luu)
to kiss with Oscar (Ruffy Landayan).

Oscar (Ruffy Landayan) is rescued by Daniel (Dennis Tong) from the
oppressive crowd at Ikea.: “Sitting in the middle of the floor. Looking
like a desperate child who had lost his parents.” Oscar: “I wanted to

“It seemed like an eternity. Us holding each other. After a while, we broke away.” Then Oscar (Ruffy Landayan) and Ming (Nghia Luu) let go for the last time.
Daniel (Dennis Tong) finds deeper meaning in the furniture at Ikea: “Another had an oak and pine theme – tres ‘Heidi’ – dripping in Laura Ashley paisley prints that screamed Republican virgin spinster or repressed male homosexual.”

Robert (David Clark Smith) reveals his dream while on a beach: “A dream within arm’s reach. A dream to be in love with that someone for eternity. That friend, that lover, that soul mate. That someone I’ve been always dreaming of…”
MING (Nghia Luu): “It won’t happn again. You know that. It won’t happen again.” ROBERT (David Clark Smith): “No. It won’t.” MING: “Promise.” ROBERT: “Yeah.” MING: “I love you.” ROBERT: “I love you too.” MING: “More than anything else in the world.” ROBERT: “More than anything else in the world.”

Ming (Nghia Luu): “I enter him, finding my home, slowly, deliberately, encouraged by his welcoming whimpers, his litany of sighs and moans. I slide in, out of him, slowly, gently. I fuck him deeply, urgently, feeling his tight warmth.”
Robert (David Clark Smith) grabs Ming (Nghia Luu)’s shirt: “He talks to me, asshole! With the few fucking English words he knows! In his broken English unbearable to your ears! He talks to me! Not like you! I
hate you!”
BACK: Oscar (Ruffy Landayan) and Daniel (Dennis Tong): “Dancing. Like we used to. In the living room. I’ve missed this.” FRONT: Ming (Nghia Luu) manhandles Robert (David Clark Smith): “I know you like him. You like to finish his sentences too. Correct his English. Well, I’m not the subservient type!”