July 20 - August 11, 2007

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Two One-Act Plays by Edward Bond

Produced by:

Lisa and Stephen Griffiths and Rude Guerrilla Theater Company

Plus the Following Sponsors:
Deborah Conroy, William Heisel, Jennifer Hieger, Jessica Julian and Amy Walton

Two US Premieres! “The Balancing Act”: A black comedy about a young woman guarding a spot on the floor that promises instant Armageddon if stepped on.

“Chair”: A charitable act brings a repressive government’s wrath down on the woman who performed it.

Directed by Scott Barber.

DSS Officer (Melissa Petro): “You sit in silence.  It doesn't matter now.  You were silent then and a girl is dead. Why were you silent?”
Nelson (Draven): Silence
Viv (Jennifer Bridge): “If I could make you understand.  We could take it in turns to watch.  I could go out.  Walk in the street.  Change my clothes.  I know it sounds silly to still want all that.  If I could share it with someone.”
Nelson (Julian Draven): “I'll share it.”
Old Woman (Sally Norton):  “My son!  Embrace me!”
Nelson (Draven):  “Pardon?”
Old Woman: “Twenty years!  Where you been?  Upsetting me!  You deserve a good hiding!  That'll have to wait.  First, give us a hug!”
Nelson: “I ain't your son!”
Thief (David Beatty): “Quick! Hide me!  I'm innocent!”
with Nelson (Draven)
Foreman (Kopps):  “Is this war?”
Foreman's Wife (Harris): “No!  Victory!  Mine!”
Foreman: “Over my dead body!”
Foreman's Wife: “If necessary!”
Foreman (Rick Kopps): “Can you dance?”
DSS Office (Petro): “In your arms, I can do anything!”
Foreman's Wife (Karen Harris): Lies dead as a result of a butter knife attack.
Dance Sequence with entire cast, from left to right:
Paul Knox, Sally Norton, Jennifer Bridge, Julian Draven, Rick Kopps, Melissa Petro, Karen Harris, Jessica Topliff, David Beatty, Brenda Kenworthy and Alexander Price
Welfare Officer (Jessica Topliff): “The examinee is shown exhibit 15.  Please hold the photograph in your hand.  Taken in the morgue - where often even the weariest features compose themselves into an expression of peace.  Here not.”
Alice (Brenda Kenworthy): “Take your photograph off my table where I eat.”
Alice (Kenworthy): “I'm just taking the chair down for the soldier.”
Billy (Alexander Price): “No no! Don't go!  If you go I'll get lost.”
Alice: “You can't get lost in two little rooms.”
Billy: “I can! I can! I get lost in my head!”
Alice (Kenworthy): “Stop it!  Stop it!  Don't...”
Soldier (Paul Knox): “You can't...I'm on duty...can't hit a...Jesus, that's all I need.  Witnesses.  A bloody audience.”
Prisoner (Sally Norton): “Uh - uh - uh - uh...”
Alice (Kenworthy): “I can't - my dear - I can't understand what you - try - try.”
Billy (Price): “Why're you at the window?  What are you looking at?”
Alice (Kenworthy): “A soldier at the bus stop.  He has a prisoner.”
Billy: “She looks like you. The prisoner looks like you.”
Alice: “She doesn't! Why do you say that?”
Billy: “Cause it's true.  Only she's old.  Ever so.  I'll draw her like a witch.  Will the soldier shoot her with his gun?”