May 4 thru May 26:

“Clownzilla: A Love Story” Presented by the CLOWNZILLA Troupe.

The zany adventures of two outcast clowns – a boy and a girl – who struggle to find their way in the cruel world of hip, high-status red-nose performers. Brought to life in a black and white world inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, our plucky heroes have a message for these modern times: laugh until your sides ache but never underestimate the triumphant spirit of total dorks.

Directed by Eli Simon.
Spot (Dane Svenningsen), Hope (Betsy Mugavero), Toots (Adrian Alita),
Prissy (Adrienne Mueller) and Mr. Pants (RJ Romero) in a CLOWNZILLA Troupe
Pas De Deux Clown Dance with Prissy
(Adrienne Mueller) and Spot (Dane Svenningsen)
The In Clowns: Spot (Dane Svenningsen), Prissy (Adrienne Mueller) and Mr. Pants (RJ Romero)

Talent show performance with Mr. Pants (RJ Romero)
CLOWNZILLA wedding with (Dane Svenningsen), Hope (Betsy Mugavero),
Mr. Pants (RJ Romero), Toots (Adrian Alita), Prissy (Adrienne Mueller).
irst day of high school: Toots (Adrian Alita) crashes into the In
Clowns - Spot (Dane Svenningsen), Prissy (Adrienne Mueller) and Mr. Pants (RJ
CLOWNZILLA romance with Toots (Adrian Alita) and Hope (Betsy Mugavero.