March 2 thru March 24:

“Mercury Fur”
by Philip Ridley.
A US Premiere!

Elliot is panicking. The party that he and his brother Darren have been planning is moving full steam ahead. In a lawless, ravaged city, where memories of the past have been brutally erased, the boys and their team survive by realizing their clients’ darkest fantasies. But just how far are they prepared to go in trading humanity for information? As the light fades and events spiral out of control, it becomes clear that the success of the evening means not just their security, but their existence. The world is at its worst...let the party begin.

Directed by Dave Barton.

Warning: Contains several explicit and disturbing scenes.

MERCURY FUR is produced

through the permission of the

playwright’s agent, The Rod Hall Agency Limited.

Naz (Peter Hagen) and Darren (Justin Radford) trade stories: “Old people get like that sometimes. Take my mom. I remember she told me she made a snowman once.… Mom said she talked to this snowman. Talked to it like it was really alive. And then the sun come out or something and all the snow melted. Mom said she cried and cried. Even when she told me about it she was crying. When our next-door neighbors got chopped up Mom didn’t cry…But a melting snowman--The full fucking waterworks.”
Elliot (Scott Barber) tells Naz (Peter Hagen) and Lola (Alexander Price) about the origin of the butterflies, while The Party Piece (Ethan Tryon-Vincent) sleeps. Elliot: ”I can hear a sort of droning. You know? Like…like a buzzing.”  Naz: “Like flies?” Elliot: “Exactly. Only it sounds like millions of flies. Billions. It’s coming from outside. I open the door to the bar…It’s not insects. It’s planes! There’s so many of them. They’re way, way up. Their lights are all twinkling. Then I feel it….On my face. Like dust.”

Elliot (Barber) holds Lola (Price): Lola: “I’m all alone. My brother’s gone out to look for Dad. My brother told me to keep all the doors and windows locked and not open them to anyone. I can’t disobey my brother.” Elliot: “But you do.” Lola: “…Yes.”

Elliot (Barber) brings in the drugged, unconscious Party Piece (Tryon-Vincent).

The blind Duchess (Elsa Martinez Phillips) and
Spinx (Ryan Harris): “To roses and nuclear weapons!”


Spinx (Harris) feeds the incapacitated Duchess (Martinez Phillips).
The Party Piece (Tryon-Vincent) in full Elvis regalia as (From Left) Elliot (Barber), Darren (Radford), Naz (Hagen) and Lola (Price) look on.

Darren (Radford) and Elliot (Barber) arrive at the party with The Party Guest
(Robert Dean Nunez) in tow.


Spinx (Harris) and The Party Guest (Nunez) talk shop: “Listen to me, Spinx, I’m paying you for a real live boy.  And if I don’t get one, you don’t get a fucking thing. You hear me, Spinx? You get shit. I wanna boy. A living boy! Now!”


The Party Guest (Nunez) attacks Naz (Hagen): “I’ll kill you, you bitch!”

Darren (Radford) and Elliot (Barber):”Ell! We’ll be okay. We’ll find a way. Like we’ve always done. Me and you. Ell! We’ll survive, Ell. I know how. Trust me. We can do it. Put the gun away, Ell. It’s not the way. I know that now. Ell! Ell!”