August 31 thru September 21

San Diego by David Greig

A US Premiere!
Weaving together a series of connecting and diverging stories stretching around the globe into a single compelling narrative: stories of illegal immigrants, pilots, films stars and whores, the making of Band on the Run and of the playwright himself. Inspired by Greig’s first visit to America, it is a surreal and comic, hilarious and horrifying journey into the heart of the American Dream.

Directed by Dave Barton.

Adding a show Wednesday, September 19th at 8:00 p.m.

Scottish playwright David Greig on the t-shirt (and in the person of actor Keith Bennett): “It is the summer of 2007. I’m flying to San Diego, California. It will be the first time I have ever visited the American continent. I have been in transit some eighteen hours now and for almost all that time I have been awake and drinking alcohol.”
The Woman at The Palms (Blu Do): “The girl’s name is Amy, she’s early twenties, very beautiful, very elegant, and she has a great sense of humor. What name should Amy ask for, sir?”
Laura (Melita Ann Sagar) and her Counselor (Samantha Richert): “There is appropriate love…And then there is…for example…masochistic love And while there is a mild masochism in almost all relationships It is not appropriate, Laura, for your lover to eat your flesh.”

B-Movie actors Andrew (Ryan Harris) and The Stewardess (Sarah Elizabeth Boros) at work on a desert action film. Stewardess: What are we going to do, Ray? If we go on, the old lady’s gonna die. But if we stay here, we’re all gonna die.

Marketing exec David (Adam Ferry) pitches his ideas to the audience: “The cabin of the aircraft is the only space where we can be certain that we belong—we have a ticket with our name on it On the seat in front of us there is a map which shows us clearly where we are going And we are going forwards…The aircraft is your village ‘Welcome home.’”
Neophyte nun Marie (Amanda Salas) tries to talk to God, but her husband Andrew (Harris) has another idea: “It’s a form of prayer in a way Isn’t it? When two people lose themselves in each other’s bodies it’s sacred Isn’t it?...Besides, love You do look fantastic in that habit.”
The Pilot (David Cramer) and marketing exec Sarah (Coreen Mueller) clash over her ideas for the airline: Sarah: The idea is…that the naval metaphor doesn’t resonate as strongly as the monarchic metaphor. Pilot: You’re in a plane. You want a man who knows. A man with the hat that says ‘I know.’ That’s all you want. Nothing else. Sarah: You don’t like the crown idea? Pilot: The crown idea has no merit whatsoever. It’s beneath contempt.
Laura (Sagar) and ADD patient David (Robert Dean Nunez): Laura: When I’m with you I don’t feel like shit. David: That’s right. Laura: I know where I’m going It’s in my brain I know – I can see a direction.”
The homeless Pious and Innocent (Thomas Helsper and Rick Kopps) show us the art of shaping pig lips into patties.