January 19 thru February 10

“The Visit” by Friedrich Durrenmatt, translated by Patrick Bowles.

A wealthy woman returns to her debt-ridden home town and offers to bail them out. One condition: the town will get the money only if it kills one of its leading citizens—the man who years before disgraced her. The idea is denounced by town administrators “in the name of humanity.”

The woman’s two word response a simple “I’ll wait.”

Directed by Caprice Spencer Rothe.
"Does Madam require the Express to wait, while she visits Cesspool?" Claire Zachanassian (Jill Cary Martin) and Conductor (Siddeeqah Shibazz)
"My two eunuchs are getting garrolous. I'll put them in one of my opium dens. They can smoke and dream. The Butler will follow them soon." Alfred Ill (Jay Fraley), Eunuch (Ariana Lambdin), Eunuch (Erryn Cleaver ), Butler (RJ Romero), Claire Zachanassian (Jill Cary Martin)

"They're hunting me as if I were a wild animal." Butler (RJ Romero), Alfred Ill (Jay Fraley), Inspector (Clare Solly), Priest (Adam Del Conte), Mayor (Brandon Kaspar) and Man2 (Ariana Lambdin)
"Examine your conscience. Go the way of repentance, or the world will relight the fires of your terror..." Alfred Ill (Jay Fraley) and Priest (Adam Del Conte)
"Here's the heart with two names on it, Alfred. Almost faded away... The way we have ouselves. "Claire Zachanassian (Jill Cary Martin), Tree (Brandon Kaspar) and Alfred Ill (Jay Fraley) "Boby, I will try the brand cigar my 7th husband made, just once, now I've divorced him, poor Moby." Claire Zachanassian (Jill Cary Martin) and Butler (RJ Romero) "Hoby dear, stop babbling... thoughts aren't your strong point." Claire Zachanassian (Jill Cary Martin) and Husband (Nick Laurrell)
"If the faintest suspicion of a threat to you arises...
the police will step in, Mr. Ill, you can reply upon it." Inspector (Clare Solly) and Alfred Ill (Jay Fraley)
"I want to reveal the truth...about the old lady's visit to Cesspool... even if our poverty endures forever! "Daughter (Vanessa Nguyen), Painter (Ariana Lambdin), Schoolmistress (Aimee Greenberg) and Mrs. Ill (Clare Solly),