June 8 thru July 7:

“Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” and “Sleeping Beauty or Coma” by Charles Busch.

One of the longest-running off-Broadway shows in history!

A nubile Virgin Sacrifice is seduced by a hard-boiled Succubus and left for dead in the deserts of ancient Sodom. Vowing revenge, the spunky Sacrifice chases the Succubus throughout history, from 1920s Hollywood to 1990s Las Vegas. “Lesbians” is paired with a fabulous parody of the classic fairy tale: Set in swinging 60's London, witness the glorious rise of Enid Wetwhistle from giddy receptionist to world-famous supermodel.

Directed by Dave Barton.

* This production will have performances on Thursday, June 28 and Thursday, July 5

and NO Performance on Sunday, June 10

Sleeping Beauty or Coma: Enid Wetwhistle (Jami McCoy) becomes Briar Rose when she is “discovered” by evil fashion designer Sebastian Lore (Stephen Wagner) and his loyal secretary Miss Thick (Alex Dorman). Sebastian: She is the flower of fashion, ready to bloom. A delicate bud among throns, waiting to be picked. A rose. A rose! That’s it. From now on, my girl, you are Rose!
Sleeping Beauty or Coma: Struggling fashion designer Fauna (Jay Michael Fraley) and her photographer boyfriend Ian (Scott Barber) walk in the rain and ponder their future. Fauna: If it’s any comfort to you, I think you’ve been doing some brilliant portraiture. Ian: I’m shooting mug shots for the penitentiary
Sleeping Beauty or Coma: An escaped Enid (McCoy) tangles with three protestors (Barber, Brandon Kasper, Peter Balgoyen) as Sebastian (Wagner) and Thick (Dorman) chase her with a butterfly net.
Sleeping Beauty or Coma: “Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good”: The Semi-Obligatory Lyrical Interlude with Ian (Barber), Enid (McCoy) and Fauna (Fraley).
Sleeping Beauty or Coma: Llama enzyme specialist Craig Prince (Kasper) first sees Rose (McCoy) in a deep LSD-induced coma.
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom: The Virgin Sacrifice (Fraley) guarded by Hujar (Kasper) and Ali (Barber). Girl: I am truly alone. A mere child of fourteen. Friendless, parentless, damned to this most vile fate. Tell me, my good executioners, how much time do I have? Hujar: But a few minutes more. Girl: Then permit me a moment whilst I bid farewell to my girlhood.
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom: Vampire La Condesa (Jessica Woodard), gossip columnist Miss Oatsie Carewe (Dorman) and rising star Madeleine Astarte (Fraley) in 20s-era Hollywood.

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom: Renee Vain (McCoy) and King Carlisle (Wagner), two stars of tomorrow. King: Darling, I must get you out of this mansion. Can’t you smell the presence of evil?


Vampire Lesbians of Sodom: Renee (McCoy) becomes the center of attention for the Vampire cast: Etienne (Balgoyen), La Condesa (Woodard), Madeleine (Fraley) and King (Wagner).
The Vampire Lesbian (Woodard) makes her entrance: ”Behold my magnificence, for I am the dreaded Succubus!”
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom: Zack (Dorman), Danny (Kasper) and PJ (Barber)--the Gayest Vegas Chorus Boys Ever—surround  Madeleine Andrews (Fraley), the latest incarnation of the Virgin Sacrifice.