September 19 - October 18:

Helltown Buffet
by Aurelio Locsin

World Premiere! Can a Hometown Buffet manager and his hunky demon seducer fall in love through their real and imagined histories? This dark comedy propels them from Orange County to several afterlives, prompting encounters with a host of fantastic characters and unreal situations including a sexy demoness, a fabulous stylist, and talking wildlife.

Directed by Aurelio Locsin.

For Mature Audiences.

Fri, Sat: 8:00 pm
Sun: Sept 28, Oct. 5, 12: 2:30 pm
Thurs, Oct. 16 at 8:00 pm

The Diners - Frank Aranda, Adam Ferry, Trina Estanislao and Ashley Jo Navarro - celebrate their bountiful buffet.
Lola (Trina Estanislao) receives a traditional Filipino sign of respect from grandson Benjie (David Tran).
Benjie (David Tran) raises a flower given to him by Paco (Brian Salero) on their first date.
American classmate Ashley Jo Navarro taunts Filipino immigrant Benjie (David Tran), helped by Adam Ferry.
The Queen of Hell, Madame Loveless (Maggie Zamora), delights in her bodyguard's (Rick Kopps) taunting of demon stylist Etienne (Alexander Price).
BFF Etienne (Alexander Price) and Madame Loveless (Maggie Zamora) share a tender moment before a styling session.

After several dates, Paco (Brian Salero) declares his love to Benjie (David Tran).

Madame Loveless (Maggie Zamora) watches Grom (Rick Kopps) set the newly hellbound Garbanzo (Frank Aranda) on fire.
Paco (Brian Salero) receives some timely advice from Grom (Rick Kopps) on how to behave in the mortal world.
Paco (Brian Salero) and Benjie (David Tran) are helpless before an angry Grom (Rick Kopps) who arrives on earth to fetch Paco.