May 30 - July 6

A New Brain
by William Finn and James Lapine.

Gordon writes music for a corny children's television show and he's on deadline. The show's demanding star - a singing frog named Mr. Bungee - wants a song about spring from him...yesterday; his lover is living the good life and out sailing; his best friend and business manager needs to talk about his career over lunch; his mother is nagging him and Gordon has a splitting headache. What happens next in this cult musical is beautiful, inspiring, heart-breaking and wickedly funny.

Directed by Patrick Pearson

Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00 p.m.
Sunday matinees @ 2:30 p.m.

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Gordo finds that friends and family are key to healing.
- Jesse Bradley, Kaitlyn Etter, Courtney Walton, Gregg Hammer, Aimee Karlin, Andrew Roubal, Ryan Wagner, Jeffrey Aiken, Ashley Kane and Luke Jacobs
Gordo realizes that what he needs to be a success comes from within, not without.
- Ryan Wagner
Roger comforts Gordo in his darkest hour.
- Jeffrey Aiken and Ryan Wagner
Gordo's worst nightmares come to life as he finds his fears and friends eating away at him.
- Jesse Bradley, Courtney Walton, Ashley Kane, Ryan Wagner, Jeffrey Aiken, Kaitlyn Etter, Luke Jacobs
The weight of the diagnosis weighs havily on Gordo, Roger, Rhoda and Mother.
- Courtney Walton, Aimee Karlin, Jeffrey Aiken and Ryan Wagner
An MRI proves to be as much fun as being buried alive for Gordo.
Andrew Roubal, Jesse Bradley, Aimee Karlin, Ryan Wagner, Jeffrey Aiken, Kaitlyn Etter, Luke Jacobs, Gregg Hammer, Courtney Walton, Ashley Kane
Gordo and Roger attempt to rekindle their passion.

Ryan Wagner and Jeffrey Aiken
Mr. Bungee gives a thumbs up to Gordo's new song for his show. -

Ashley Kane, Gregg Hammer, Andrew Roubal, Jesse Bradley, Luke Jacobs, Ryan Wagner
Lisa strives to find change, both literal and figurative, from an unwilling Mr. Bungee and Nancy.

- Jesse Bradley, Kaitlyn Etter and Ashley Kane
Gordo and Mother argue over the best treatment.

Ryan Wagner and Aimee Karlin
Gordo clues into that heart and music truly do make a song.

Jesse Bradley, Courtney Walton, Ashley Kane, Kaitlyn Etter, Gregg Hammer, Ryan Wagner, Jeffrey Aiken, Aimee Karlin, Luke Jacobs, Andrew Roubal