August 2 thru August 31:

NOCTURNE by Adam Rapp.

A young man attempts to come to terms with a terrible accident from his past, confronting the incident ina way that spares neither the character nor the audience. A poignant, heart-breaking and intensely personal work making its Orange County debut.

Directed by Jay Michael Fraley.

Opens Saturday August 2, 2008 and runs for 9 more performances, closing August 31.

Saturdays @ 4:30 p.m.
Sunday @ 7:00 p.m

Mother (Carolyn Kelly) The sounds of sirens. Shrieking sirens from all directions. The shrieking turns into a kind of weeping. Sirens weeping in an octave only known to whales and dolphins.
Son (Scott Barber) "The '69 Buick Electra is a very lengthy car. It's like a car out of a comic book."
Mother (Carolyn Kelly) and Son (Scott Barber) "After a long medical silence, she tells me about the brake line."
Son (Scott Barber) "One day the Underwood calls to him. Your narrator goes to it."
Father ( Rick Kopps) "When I was one I grabbed a hot water pipe and burned my hand. Three months later I was in a baby photograph contest."
Son (Scott Barber)) "Having slept next to an enormous salesman from Teaneck, New Jersey, I would arrive in New York City the following morning in a kind of severe, tightly coiled body clench."
Son (Scott Barber) and the Girl with the Deep Blue eyes (Charis Walth ) dance.
Son (Scott Barber) and Father (Rick Kopps) "It's snowing, I say. I know he can't hear me, but I say it again. It's snowing, Dad."
Son (Scott Barber) In the middle of the kitchen there is a claw-footed bathtub, where, nightly, he would wash himself and then his clothes.