June 7 - July 6

Orange Flower Water
by Craig Wright

Married couples David and Cathy and Brad and Beth live with their children in relative peace…until two of them begin an adulterous affair. Through a series of scenes taking place on or around a single bed, we see the painful unraveling of both marriages and, eventually, the construction of a fragile, but new, beginning.

Directed by Sharyn Case. Warning: Nudity, sexual situations and adult language.

Opens Saturday June 7, 2008 and runs for 9 more performances, closing July 6.

Saturdays @ 4:30 p.m.
Sunday @ 7:00 p.m

David Calhoun (Jay Michael Fraley) and Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken)
David: "You know where I made my mistake? I never should have talked."
Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken) :"Now I look around, and there are no notes anywhere - on anything."
Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken) and Cathy Calhoun (Susan Daniels): "I pray. Not as much as I used to, but I pray."
Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken) , David Calhoun (Jay Michael Fraley), Brad Youngquist (Ryan Harris) and Cathy Calhoun (Susan Daniels)
David : "Mommy and I hurt a lot of other people' feelings...but somehow love keeps happening..."
David Calhoun (Jay Michael Fraley) and Brad Youngquist (Ryan Harris): "That was a handball, ref! A handball!"
Brad Youngquist (Ryan Harris): "So come back home...and we can be lovers again..."
Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken) and David Calhoun (Jay Michael Fraley)
Beth": "It's all so hard..." David: "Yeah...it is."
Beth Youngquist (Kirsten Kuiken) and Brad Youngquist (Ryan Harris) : "You loved me, Beth! You know you did!"
Cathy Calhoun (Susan Daniels) and David Calhoun (Jay Michael Fraley)
Cathy: Our marriage is essentially over, right?...Do I really have to waste my dignity on you?"