November 7 - December 13

Our Town
by Thornton Wilder

“My, wasn’t life awful - and wonderful.” The classic play about love, community and the brevity of life in a small town is given a new, challenging Rude Guerrilla staging.

Directed by Sharyn Case.
For General Audiences

Fri, Sat: 8:00 pm
Sun: Nov. 16, 23, 30 and Dec. 7 @2:30 pm
Thurs, Oct. 16 at 8:00 pm

Please Note: there will be no performance on Saturday, Nov. 15

Joe Crowell (Steve Hill) gets some advice from Constable Warren (Sean Engard) and Howie Newsome (George Pelham)
"Nice town, you know?" says the Stage Manager (Lloyd Botway)
Doc Gibbs (Gregory Cohen) has an important discussion with his son, George (Scott Barber)
The Stage Manager (Lloyd Botway) gets a scientific description of Groves Corners from Professor Willard )Sean Engard)
George (Scott Barber) and Emily (Lacey Pierce) admire the moon on a school night.
George(Scott Barber) and his sister, Rebecca (Sarah de Leon) discuss a letter she received.
George (Scott Barber) and Emily (Lacey Pierce) share an ice cream soda after school
"Come outside and smell my heliotrope" says Mrs. Gibbs (Sally Leonard) to her husband (Gregory Cohen)
"Oh world, you're too wonderful for anyone to realize you!" (Lacey Pierce)
"It's the worst scandal ever to happen in this town." says Mrs. Soames (Jeanne Nelson) to her friends Mrs. Gibbs (Sally Leonard) and Mrs. Webb (Karen Harris)
Emily and George get married. (Scott Barber and Lacey Pierce)
"No son in law should see his father in law before the wedding - ever!" says Editor Webb (Frank Aranda) to his wife (Karen Harris)
In the graveyard
Joe Stoddard (Michael Trudeau) and Sam Craig (Zedrick Restauro) in the cemetery
"Live people don't understand, do they?" says Emily (Lacey Pierce) as she looks at George (Scott Barber)