April 11 - May 17

strangers, babies
by Linda McLean.

One woman, five men.

When Dan married his wife, he knew he wasn’t in for a simple life. Duncan is dying, his day made worse by the arrival of his daughter. Roy’s internet chat strikes pay dirt when he meets a woman who shares his unusual tastes. Denis didn’t want to see his sister again, but there was something about her phone call that made him do it. Abel is in Social Services and one mother’s reluctance to give him access to her son has him suspicious.

May is the woman in their lives…and she’s coming undone.

Directed by Dave Barton.
For Mature Audiences

(There is a 1/2 price preview, Thursday, April 10 @ 8:00 p.m.)

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00 p.m.
One Sunday matinee (May 11, 2008) @ 2:30 p.m.

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May (Kenworthy) and Dan (Fraley) talk with an eye to the future: Dan: “Well find a house With a garden And you’ll put up feeders And I’ll have a patio And you won’t hang the feeders on the patio” May: “I’d be very keen on that” Dan: “I know you would”

May (Brenda Kenworthy) and her husband Dan (Jay Michael Fraley) discuss birds and balconies. May: “You love the balcony” Dan: “I do love the balcony I’d love to sit out on it…But I’m not allowed out on the balcony In case I scare the birds” May: “That was just while they were feeding their babies Not all the time” Dan: “They shit on me They shit on the chairs It’s a ten thousand dollar bird toilet”

May (Kenworthy) visits her ailing father Duncan (Rick Kopps) in the hospice. Duncan: “What did you bring me?” May: “I didn’t bring you   anything I brought you me” Duncan: “That’s champion” May: “I might not have”

Duncan (Kopps) cuts loose: “I’m starving I’m dying I’m not happy WHERE’S MY GODDAM BREAKFAST?”

May (Kenworthy) hooks up with internet pick-up Roy (Christopher Basile). May: “What were they doing? On the TV In France” Roy: “oh You know the French What weren’t they doing?...Well You sure you want to hear this?” May: “Yes” Roy: “Well Naked A lot of naked…He was a very big man In that respect”

The inner Roy (Basile) appears, at May’s (Kenworthy) request. May: “Could you Do you think you could Could you hurt me?”
Denis (Anderson) and May (Kenworthy). Denis: “What if he gets up one morning Goes into the park With his brother” May: “He won’t have  a brother” Denis: “Or a friend then And they take a little boy” May: “Please” Denis: “And they hurt him” May: “He won’t”
Estranged brother and sister, Denis (Kane Anderson) and May (Kenworthy), sit in the park and look at the trees. May: “Park Trees Calm” Denis: “Uhuh But no Enough Please You look fine I’m fine We seem to be fine. Is there anything else?” May: “The calm was the important thing I thought we might need that”

May (Kenworthy): “Please go” Abel (Aranda): “Are you telling me to go? I can’t stay if you tell me to go.”

May (Kenworthy) receives a surprise visit from social worker Abel (Frank Aranda). May: “Why don’t you phone me? Why don’t you say Is this a good time to come and visit? Why don’t you ask?” Abel: “Because that’s the exact opposite of a spot check Isn’t it? That gives you time to Prepare” May: “I don’t need time to prepare I need time to sleep Rest” Abel: “Are you a bit frazzled?”