Our 2009 Season

Jan. 2 - Jan. 31

Love Song

by John Kolvenbach

Oddball Beane is an exile from life. His well-meaning sister, Joan, and brother-in-law, Harry, try and make time for him in their busy lives, but no one can get through to him…until Joan is baffled to find her brother blissfully happy and tries to unravel the story behind his mysterious new love.

Directed by Jenni Dillon.

Fridays @ 8:00 pm and
Saturdays @ 4:30 pm

Beane (Alex Walters) and Joan meet for lunch.
Beane: "You have to Try this. It's Unbelievable."
Joan: "It's a turkey sandwich.
Joan (Melita Sagar) and Harry (Joe Hernandez) discuss Joan's intern that she just fired.
Joan: "I'm saying isn't it reasonable to expect that she be competent."
Harry: "That depends.
Joan and Harry observe as Beane starts to strip.
Beane: "Hey, you have a washer, plus these pants could probably use a soak. - "
Joan: "BEANE. If you take your clothes off in my house if I glimpse your naked penis I am going to converge on you with this corkscrew there will be blood, I'm not kidding."
Joan: "How're you doing. Did you eat today?"
Beane: "Is it Thursday?"
Joan: "you know I'm not sure."
Beane: "I ate on Thursday."
Joan: "You like it?"
Harry: "I'ts not a thing of liking it, it's a thing of The Fucking Robe Makes My Insides Hurt."