Where does the name “Rude Guerrilla” come from?

Original founders Dave Barton and LA Margrave were political activists of a leftist bent, heavily influenced by a form of street theater called “Guerrilla Theater,” because of its satirical, in-yer-face focus on social and political issues. Because that form of theater is confrontational and unapologetic, some people think that’s rude. We kept it because you don’t forget it once you’ve heard it and it sounds pretty damn cool.

Does that mean that all the plays you do are political and in-your-face?

Not at all. We have a lot of respect for writers and the work we do runs the gamut of styles and tastes. The only thing any particular season has in common is that we try and do scripts that are literate, well-written and smart. They may be comedies, tragedies, avant-garde or classics.

Why do you spell it Rude Guerrilla TheatER Company instead of Rude Guerrilla TheatRE Company?

Because we can.

Is Rude Guerrilla a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501c3 charitable institution! All donations to the theater, including goods and some services, are tax deductible. Start writing those checks!

Do you have a dress code?

You pay your $20 and you can dress any damn way you want to.

How many seats do you have?

Depending on the show, anywhere from 40 to 60 seats. Seating is first-come, first-serve, so even if you have reservations, you should arrive at least a half hour before the show starts just to get the best seating.

Where are you located?

We’re located at 202 N. Broadway in Santa Ana. We’re in the Artist’s Village, directly across the street from The Santora Arts Building and next door to American Apparel.

Where do I park when I see a show?

Occasionally there are open meters on the street, but they’re pretty pricey, especially if our show runs a little long and you find a ticket on your windshield. We suggest you pay for parking at the public structure at 3rd and Broadway.

How do I buy tickets?

Call our theater at 714-547-4688, press the # sign and leave the following on the message:

1) Your name. Speak clearly because we’re getting up in years and having trouble with our hearing.

2) Your credit card number with the expiration date. (We know there are people who don’t like to leave this info on a machine, but we promise the only people who can access it are the people selling you the ticket. If that still makes you uneasy, just leave all the other info and we’ll get your card # when we call you to confirm your tickets.) We take Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Can I get a refund if I make reservations and don’t pick up my tickets?

Sorry, no refunds. In the case of illness or an emergency, we might be able to work out an exchange, but that’s it. We want to provide good customer service, but the theater needs to keep going, too. If we have to turn people away because we’re expecting you to be there and you’re not, we’re going to make you pay.

How much are tickets?

A paltry $20 general admission. There are $10 tickets available with a student ID and we also discount teachers and seniors.

Do you sell season passes?

Yes, they’re called a Monkey Pass and they save you a boat-load of money.

Can I buy out the theater for a company or group event?

Of course you can! Call us for details!


Do you have group sale discounts?


Yes! You have to bring in at least ten people, but we’ll give you a break. Call us for details!

Do you rent out the theater?

No, we’re too busy rehearsing, having classes and producing edgy theater, so there’s very little down time. Try the Moose Lodge.

How do I get on the Rude Guerrilla mailing list?

If you’d like our flyers, just call us and leave your name and address on the machine. We’ll add you right away. You may also go to, get yourself an account and sign up for the “rudeguerrilla” list for email announcements.

We’re also on MySpace:

How do I find out about Rude Guerrilla auditions?

Go to , get yourself an account and sign up for the “RGTC-audition” list. You’ll start getting announcements within a week or so. We also post in Back Stage West and occasionally in the OC Register and OC Weekly theater listings. We only occasionally pre-cast--most of our auditions are open casting, even for our Company members--so you usually have as good a chance as anyone for that juicy lead role.

Do you need volunteers?

We’re always looking for dependable volunteers. Come work our snack bar and we’ll even let you see the show for free. Be prepared to work!

Is Rude Guerrilla wheelchair-accessible?

You bet it is! Try and let us know ahead of time when you book your tickets, so we can have space ready for you when you arrive.

Will you read my script, produce me and make me famous?




Because we receive a generous bounty of original scripts, we only accept manuscript submission from January to March. If you’d like us to read your script, please email or snail mail us an outline and a few sample pages. If we like what we see, we’ll ask you to send us a complete script with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE).

I submitted a play and haven’t heard anything. I thought you said I was going to be produced!

It takes a while to read these critically and supply a few notes, as well, to show we’ve actually read the damn thing. If it’s been more than three months, send us an email and we’ll look you up. There could be several reasons: We’re busy as hell. Your script is awful and we’re not sure how to tell you. We’re swimming in a veritable sea of scripts. You didn’t supply a SASE. You didn’t supply the proper contact information.

What if I just send the entire script unsolicited?

We may read it. We may not. You may hear from us. You may not. Probably not.

I’m a director or designer and I want to work at your theater!

Director/designer slots are usually filled by Company Members. We prefer to groom people who’ve put sweat equity into making our theater as successful as it has been, so if you want to get involved, you need to get to know us and then talk to us about joining up.

Okay, I want to join your Company!

Not so fast! We put you on a six-month probation, to make sure you play well with others, show up when you say you’re going to and don’t steal candy from the snack bar. If you approach us, clean a few toilets, act in a few shows and are relatively sane, we’ll consider your application.

We hear that your nickname is “Nude” Guerrilla Theater Company.

That’s really funny. Hah. What was your question?

Do you have nudity in all of your shows?

Not unless Dave’s directing.

Are your shows suitable for children?

Sometimes, but usually not. We love kids, but generally focus on theater for adult audiences. Rest assured, we always post warnings when the subject matter is for adults only or contains material that may disturb some viewers.