"The kind of art that really connects with me is art that provides its audience with an imaginative representation of the world both around and inside us: Literate, exciting stories brimming with dynamic situations, sharp imagery, brutally honest acting and laugh-out-loud humor. Brain food that enlightens, asks questions and entertains.

The frankness of that kind of theater troubles some people, but it's also extremely exhilarating-especially in the intimacy of our 50-seat space."

Dave Barton - Co -Artistic Director

Jay Michael Fraley - Co-Artistic Director

Location: The Empire Theater
202 N. Broadway, Santa Ana 92701

For Information Call 1 714 547 4688

FEDERAL TAX I.D. # 33-0859205


Board of Directors

Shannon Lee Blas, Dave Barton, Sharyn Case, Jami McCoy,

Jenn Dorman, Jay Michael Fraley , Dawn Hess, Stephen Ludwig